Inclusiveness Assessments

Equipment in a Modern Fitness Facility

What is an Inclusiveness Assessment?


An Inclusiveness Assessment is an evaluation of an organization’s ability to support Inclusive Fitness. Usually, one or more of our IncluFit professionals will visit the facility site to perform hands-on data gathering and measure resources against our pre-determined Inclusiveness criteria. Virtual assessments may be possible if the scope of the assessment is very small.


We conduct assessments on both new and existing facilities. In the case of new facilities, IncluFit professionals work with the architects, planners, and business owners to incorporate the principles of Universal Design in construction, ensuring that the facility has an accessible layout and appropriate adaptive equipment. When working with existing facilities, IncluFit professionals review and assess the existing facilities against pre-determined criteria to identify the current level of inclusivity, as well as suggest solutions for implementing changes to increase the overall facility support.


The bottom line? We’re focused on much more than whether or not someone can get in the door. That’s not inclusivity, that’s simply basic access.



Why Does My Facility Need an Assessment?


Many facility design companies exist, but very few of these companies offer services designed specifically for inclusivity. Most of these companies simply provide the basic services required to assess and implement modifications in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.


Our Inclusiveness Assessments allow facility owners and program directors the opportunity to broaden their facility’s fitness and recreation offerings and expand into a new, growing market. This assessment will help you establish yourself and your facility as community leaders through a thorough understanding of inclusivity and aid in equipping yourself with the resources to provide equal access and opportunity for all.


Components of the Assessment


Our Inclusiveness Assessments are flexible; we provide the option to have a full assessment or any combination of our assessment components. A full assessment includes the following:


  • Physical Assessment. We evaluate the physical environment of your facility, both interior and exterior. This assessment includes features such as the parking lot, building, access points, bathrooms, passageways, and outdoor spaces. This evaluation is conducted using the following criteria:
    • Accessibility analysis for existing facilities
    • Design and planning services for new facilities
    • Integration of Universal Design practices
    • ADA compliance reviews
  • Equipment Assessment. We evaluate all pieces of equipment in use at your facility to determine if it supports Inclusive Fitness. This evaluation is conducted using the following criteria:
    • Is your equipment universally designed?
    • Are adaptive devices available?
    • Is the space around the equipment adequate to make it accessible to all facility users?
  • Staff Assessment. We evaluate all of your facility staff on their awareness of Inclusive Fitness and their ability to meet the needs of facility users with special needs. This includes management, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, sales and marketing staff, front desk, and your support staff. This evaluation is conducted using the following criteria:
    • Are your staff properly trained?
    • Do your staff possess appropriate inclusive customer service skills?
    • Does your business culture and policy promote inclusiveness?
    • Is your business’ marketing and outreach inclusive?
  • Program Assessment. We evaluate all of your classes and other programs offered at your facility. This evaluation is conducted using the following criteria:
    • Can everyone fully participate in your program?
    • Are adaptations available to allow for participation?


Your Inclusiveness Assessment results will be provided in a report. This report will identify your facility, equipment, staff, and program strengths and weaknesses in supporting Inclusive Fitness. It will also provide helpful recommendations on how your facility can address the identified weaknesses. Our recommendations may include Education, Programming, and Equipment offered through our company.


It’s time to know where you really stand in relation to Inclusive Fitness. An Inclusiveness Assessment is the first step to distinguishing yourself from the competition and establishing your facility as a leader in the Inclusive Fitness revolution.


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