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Are you a health or fitness professional that would like to learn more about incorporating inclusive fitness programs into your current offerings, but need a little bit of extra flexibility when it comes to course locations?  Get the best of both worlds with our live professional education webinars - real-time instructors and complete location flexibility.


We Bring Education to You


Our professional education webinars are designed to give you the tools to succeed.  We understand that attending an in-person workshop can be a challenge for some fitness professionals. Unlike other pre-recorded webinars, IncluFit students can ask questions and receive answers as the course is happening. Students simply connect to their designated online group training using a phone and/or internet-based video conferencing connection. Our real-time webinars offer IncluFit students the flexibility to learn anywhere with the added benefit of live interaction with our trained instructors.


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Are you interested in registering for one of our IncluFit live webinars?  Check out our list of upcoming professional education webinars below to register and reserve your space today!

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