What Is Inclusive Fitness?

“Inclusion is not a strategy to help people fit into the systems and structures which exist in our societies; it is about transforming those systems and structures to make it better for everyone. Inclusion is about creating a better world for everyone.” – Diane Richler, Past President, Inclusion International


Inclusive Fitness refers to the complete integration of people with and without disabilities in fitness, health, physical education, and recreation programs. The three key concepts of inclusive fitness are:


  1. Equal Opportunity. All people are given the same opportunity to participate in physical activity.
  2. Equal Access. All programs and services offered to the general population are also offered to people with disabilities.
  3. Integrated Programs. The focus is on integrating programs instead of offering “special” programs.


With these three key concepts in place, organizations and establishments can proudly offer fitness opportunities that are accessible and inclusive to all who wish to participate. You see, it’s not just about getting people into your facility, it’s about creating a space and series of programs where all are welcome and able to participate. This is the underlying principle behind Inclusive Fitness.