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At IncluFit, we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy a healthy and active life.

Our mission is to provide health and fitness professionals and individuals in the community with the education and tools required to create health, fitness, and recreation opportunities that are inclusive of individuals of all abilities.

Our vision is a future where inclusive fitness is seamlessly integrated in all fitness organizations and facilities. That means equal opportunity, equal access, and integrated programs for all.

Our commitment is to breaking down barriers and giving individuals with disabilities equal opportunity to fully participate in physical activity.

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Man sitting, typing on a laptop.Webinar Q&A: Getting Fit with a Disability - How to Advocate for Yourself at the Gym

Webinar Q&A - How to Advocate for Yourself at the Gym

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Inclusive Fitness - Why it Matters [Infographic]

Learn the key to growing your client-base, increasing your revenues, and differentiating yourself from your competitors - inclusive fitness!


Man with a prosthetic leg doing pushups in the gym.

12 Free & Easy Ways to Make Your Gym More Inclusive

Are you ready to take advantage of one of the biggest, largely untapped markets in the fitness industry – individuals with disabilities?  Here are 12 easy ways to make your gym more accessible without spending a dime.